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Shuai Palm Zhou

Graduate Student at UCSC

Tel: (669) 214-4200

shuaizhou.palm at

shuai.z at



A shell implementation in python3.

[Github Repo] May. 2018


WHILE language small step interpreter implementation with tests.

[Github Repo] May. 2018

Air Quality Trend in China

Interactive geomapping visualization of China Air Quality Index(AQI) Trend from 2014 to 2016 using D3.js.

[Demo] [Github Repo] Mar. 2018

DiSec: Distributed Image Search Engine Crawler

Distributed non-blocking image search engine crawler implemented in python. Given keyword list, can distributed search and download millions images from Google Image Search and Baidu Image Search with progress update, pause and resume features.

[Github Repo] Apr. 2017